Arabian Oud Kalemat 100ml

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Arabian Oud. Established in 1982, with more than 3700 employees, 900 branch and more than 400 unique Oriental and Western luxurious fragrances, Arabian Oud is the largest fragrance manufacturer and retailer around the world specializing in incense, oriental perfumes and oil perfumes. Being the Scent of Luxury, Arabian Oud is a prominent and trusted name with over 30 years of expertise in the production of authentic scents. Winning first place in the Middle East, Africa and the 11th globally as classified by Euromonitor in 2013, and ranked as one of the strongest hundred brands in Saudi Arabia in 2013. The company manages a retail chain of 900 stores worldwide selling over 400 luxurious and unique fragrances. Arabian Oud has more than 3,700 employees serving customers across over 150 cities and 35 countries worldwide, from London to Paris and all across the Middle East with a dedication to quality and perfection in the art of perfumery. With more than thirty years of experience, success and confidence in the production of the finest unique Oriental perfumes and distinctive Western fragrances, a wide range of its products has been awarded worldwide, international and local awards against the most prestigious international companies in perfume industry. This could have never been a reality without the support and trust of our customers and their continued desire to excellence, which increased our ambition to strive always for the best. Our Mission- At Arabian Oud we understand that achieving greatness doesn't come easily, you have to prove to the world that you are worth it and you have to keep in mind that every single detail counts. We thrive for perfection, diversity, sophistication and excellency in all our products. To achieve that we became creative with everything from the product itself to choosing distinctive designs for all our perfume bottles that preserves our Arabian culture and heritage. our Vision- At Arabian Oud we proudly admire our Arabian Heritage and our one and only goal is to represent it to the world in the best way it should be. For us we do that through our products; every scent carries a piece of heritage, culture and traditions of the Middle East in general and the Arab World in particular. We always strive to reach the highest levels of excellence. Whether it’s quality or uniqueness in our products or the way we gather our thoughts to take the highest levels of competitiveness and reaching the skies. Admiring charming scents, exquisite designs, velvet Touch and legendary imaginations.


The new Arab world is sophisticated and modern perfume, yet rooted in its strong traditions
This scent is an extension of the ultimate vividness of natural
Mesmerising fragrance can just be your way of smelling nice in all seasons
It is an unpredictable but elegant in essence, yet captivating spray
Adds a finishing touch to your grooming routine, which reflects attitude.

Brand Arabian Oud
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