LOL Surprise 3 in 1 Party Cruiser

With the LOL Surprise 3-in-1 Party Cruiser, surprise pool, and dance floor, all of your B.B.s will be riding in style and prepared to party!

Use the 3-in-1 Party Cruiser to transport your LOL Surprise dolls and OMG fashion dolls to the loudest events and concerts throughout the world. There is space in this Party Cruiser for four OMG fashion dolls! The 3-in-1 Party Cruiser looks furious at any occasion because to its elegant, opulent Rose Gold hue and Pink polish!

This multifunctional playset has three different hangout areas: a car, a surprise pool, and a dance floor. Discard the dance floor or take off the ceiling and fill the space with water to create a pool. It fits all sizes of LOL Surprise dolls! Time to party! features removable seats and 4 black light lamps for glowing surprises. Get on the dance floor and give it all you've got!

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