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The Silverlit Bumper Spin is a miniature motorised frisbee for throwing, catching and learning awesome new tricks!
With mesmerising LED light effects, hold you frisbee between your thumb and fore finger, and flick your wrist to start the internal spinner!
When it's ready to rip, give yourself some decent space and practice throwing it lightly and high into the air (making sure the correct side is facing upwards).
Watch it buzz through the air for a game of catch, or tilt it to return it like a boomerang. A little bit of practice is required to perform new and different tricks!
Challenge your friends to knock down targets, practice throwing with different throwing speeds and flight paths, or use it like a bowling ball!
It even comes with a clip-on spinner to turn it into a spinning top when placed on any hard surface. The soft foam bumpers make it safe for indoor play (in large spaces)!
Charge your Bumper Spin by plugging it into a USB socket using the mini USB cable (included). When the indicator light switches off, you're ready to play again!
The ultimate safety propeller guard combined with an automatic shut-off and extra soft protection ring make it safe for children ages 8 and up.
Tricks and games include:
Fly and catch / Boomerang
Throwing around your back or around corners 
Bowling game or bulls eye (you'll need to set up your own targets of choice)
Spinner battle using the included spinner top
Your kit includes: 1 x Bumper spin, 1 x detachable spinner tip, a USB charging cable (wall plug not included), and full instructions.

Available with a black or blue spinner (chosen at random).

Brand Silverlit
Category Toys
Sub-Category Action toys & Figures