Simba Fireman Sam Big Trainings Tower incl.

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This SIMBA - SAM BIG TRAININGS-TOWER INCL. FIGURINE, gives the perfect fun time for your little one's.Sam can practice for real emergencies at the large Fireman Sam Training Tower. The fire is blazing on all three floors and Sam uses his fire extinguisher to tackle the flames. Use the fire extinguisher water pistol to shoot small arrows of water at the flames. Young firemen need to take good aim, as only a direct hit will knock over the flames and extinguish the fire. Sam can reach the other floors using the ladder, the steps or the cable winch and kids will love them.


  • Large Training Tower playset includes the Fireman Sam figure
  • Fire extinguisher pistol with three water arrows
  • Two fire extinguishers
  • A hammer, a spade, an oxygen bottle and many more items

Brand Simba
Category Toys
Sub-Category Action toys & Figures